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    CRM 3.0


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    Customer Relationship Management 3.0

    Coneix is a personal communication and document management solution that can be integrated into any digital wallet, capable of communicating and managing document exchanges with third parties in all environments - real world, web, and metaverse


    When the Coneix service is integrated into a digital wallet, it provides a secure exchange interface for direct communication through the digital wallet, sharing proof of identity and personal documents, and ensuring traceability of exchanges without exposing the user's personal data beyond what is strictly necessary. This exchange interface, available through mobile wallet versions, allows the same type of identity verification and document exchanges in the real world when physically present with the customer


    By integrating communication, management, and document sharing features into all digital wallets, Coneix enables smooth engagement and exchange with users across all environments. The digital wallet becomes a true customer relationship management tool

    Document Management

    Coneix natively includes features for importing, modifying, managing versions, and exchanging all user's personal documents


    Data is encrypted, anonymized, and available - with user's consent - in all environments


    An identity verification service is integrated, enabling automation and portability of completed KYC processes

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    Shared Traceability

    Exchanges are traced and their chronology is shared among all stakeholders - consents, messages, identity verifications, document transfers


    By integrating peer-to-peer communication features between wallets - messages, voice, video - in addition to document management and exchange, Coneix turns any digital wallet into a new, virtuous, comprehensive, and efficient communication channel

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  • Benefits



    Comprehensive Cross-Channel Customer Relationship Management

    • All aspects of customer relationship management accessible from the wallet - Communication, Id verification, document exchanges, and traceability 
    • Continuity of exchange processes between the real world and the web 
    • Uniformity and simplification of user experience

    Productivity and Compliance

    • Automation of cross-channel KYC processes and document exchanges 
    • Traceability of all exchanges and consents 
    • Signature and signature verification - Use of data with probative value

    Data and Service Portability

    Virtuous solution for personal data management and protection

    • Personal data entirely under user's control 
    • Always encrypted - Data is never exposed; exchanges, consents and transfers are managed in a protected environment 
    • Wallet choice - Portability of data and services from one digital wallet to another
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