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  • Cookie DaO

    Rich and Virtuous Customer Profiling

    In the real world and Web 2.0, the days of the Cookie are numbered. It is too intrusive and will disappear under regulatory pressure. It will no longer be possible in the very short term to pinpoint a user's profile in order to offer him targeted products and services


    This is all the more true in the Metaverse, which is decentralized by nature. In the Metaverse, a user shows up as a neutral avatar, without any attributes that would link him to a particular profile. The user's contact with a service provider is therefore very limited, with no personalization possible. An undifferentiated user experience creating little value


    Cookie DAO extends the service value of NFT by transforming it into a new generation cookie, anticipating RGPD requirements and offering service providers a powerful profiling capability. A user's NFT points to his or her personal data, and allows service providers to perform all the required analyses on that data, with the user's consent, while fully preserving privacy


    The benefits of a supercharged cookie in terms of customer knowledge, fully RGPD compliant

    Dynamic NFT

    An NFT is a property title on a digital content, universally recognized in all Metaverse environments. But why limit it to ownership of static digital content?


    Cookie DAO is a new generation NFT, a secure service link to a user's personal data, data evolving dynamically over time


    This link allows, without any particular integration, to obtain the user's consent to perform analyses on his personal data. The analyses are done in a protected environment, the service provider collects the necessary results without the data ever being exposed

    Rich Profile

    As the user travels through the digital world, from his web browser or mobile application, he collects his personal data, which is immediately encrypted, anonymized and integrated into his history. This data includes, but is not limited to :

    • Web Browsing Data
    • Loyalty cards
    • Subscriptions, tickets, admission fees
    • Metaverse & real-world Mobility activities...
    A panel of personal data much richer than the simple browsing data accessible via traditional cookies, opening the door to unprecedented personalization

    Brands & Advertisers

    Brands and Advertisers see the Metaverse as a new customer acquisition channel, allowing them to address new targets and complement physical agencies


    Without a personalized customer experience and quick access to the information needed to perform a purchase or set up a contract, it is a dead end. In the Metaverse, the user requires to be unique and will not wait


    The Cookie DAO service is available in any environment, without any particular integration - Web, Metaverse, Real World - allowing an accurate, relevant and instantaneous customer profiling

  • Benefits



    Personalization of services

    Cookie DAO allows detailed understanding of user's profile and simplifies contractual process

    • Large-spectrum digital information and complex analysis 
    • Integration of data from trusted third parties - Id, KYC
    • Increase average shopping basket, customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Optimization of sales channels

    Confidential analysis of mobility activities and retail attendance

    • Post-purchase redirection to the most suitable physical store for the user
    • Simplified user experience when visiting a physical store or agency upon presentation of the Cookie DAO NFT (QR Code)
    • Optimization of the physical network and direct service link with Metaverse stores 

    Value sharing

    Virtuous solution for personal data management and protection

    • Personal data fully under the control of the user
    • Significant added value for all parties
    • Remuneration by the service provider, shared between the user authorizing access to his data and the hosting nodes
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