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    Geolocation, Trust & Privacy


    There is a strong interest in personal data management with the desire to both give users more control of their own data and to reduce the amount of data in the hands of commercial companies. NGI Trust European program supports the GeoWallet innovative approach. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the NGI_TRUST grant agreement no 825618.

    Digitization of mobility services - pay-as-you-go insurance, fleet management, multi-modality, carpooling - implies access to and systematic use of user's geolocation data, with two seemingly irreconcilable constraints:


    Privacy : geolocation data, just like medical data, carries particularly sensitive and confidential information. For convenience reasons, we have nevertheless become accustomed to sharing them widely with numerous third-party applications by authorizing them to install a geolocation tracking device on our smartphones or vehicles.


    Trust : for mobility services, geolocation data is required to monitor usage and charge a service. The data must therefore be unforgeable by the user himself, hence the need for third-party service providers to install a tracking solution on the user's smartphone or vehicle (telematics box, etc.) in order to collect and store the user's geolocation data... and thus gain access to entire parts of his private life.


    It is squaring the circle, or the Privacy/Trust dilemma of the current models forpersonal data management


    Blocs et Compagnie has developed the GeoWallet solution to address this issue: Reconcile privacy and trust for the management of personal mobility data and simplify mobility services automation

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    GeoWallet includes a secure mobile application, allowing users to build and manage their mobility data history :

    • Geolocation and timestamp  
    • Type of activity - vehicle, bike, walking...
    • Cities, neighborhoods, addresses... 
    • Type of road segments used 
    • Associated metadata: weather...


    The mobile application detects mobility activities, authenticates GPS sources, verifies mileage consistency, and provides probative value to user's geolocation data


    The mobility history is stored under an unforgeable format allowing rich and evolving analysis on user's data

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    Personal data is encrypted, anonymized at source and only accessible to its owner


    Third parties interested in accessing user data propose him, through the mobile application, a contract detailing the analysis to perform. The accepted requests are automatically executed in a trusted execution environment and provide a result with probative value, authentic and non-repudiable


    This result is transmitted to the third party without any direct access to the data and without the ability to deduce anything from the user's mobility activities


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    Usage-based insurance

    GeoWallet is a white label solution enabling rapid deployment and automation of customized usage-based insurance products :

    • Security score
    • Mileage, in/out of town
    • Time slots
    • Road type....
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    Professional Mobility

    GeoWallet is a solution managing the use of vehicles for professional usage, targeting self-employed professionals, SMEs and accountants.


    GeoWallet is extremely simple to deploy, operate, and is available on a subscription basis without commitments


    GeoWallet improves visibility, optimizes operating costs, and significantly reduces fraud, while fully respecting drivers privacy

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