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    Transactional Digital Trust Platform

    Contracts, Data and Business Processes


    Trust & Privacy

    Blocs & Compagnie provides a multi-party transactional automation platform enabling :

    • Identity management
    • Collection of data with probative value and the constitution of personal data history with integrity and non-repudiation, under the form of structured graphs
    • Implementation, execution according to defined business processes and archiving of multi-party contracts
    • Analysis in a protected environment of data provided by the parties according to the established contractual terms
    • Restitution to the concerned parties of the results of analysis with probative value, without access to the data

    Components :


    Configurable mobile application for identity management, contract management, data collection, data history management, results management


    Configurable web interface for identity management, editing and contract management, data collection, data history management, results management


    Back End - cloud or on-premises - including:

    • A graph-based storage infrastructure for archiving identities, data, contracts, and analysis results, encrypted and anonymized
    • Managed digital enclaves (TEE) for the execution of analyses defined contractually between parties
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    The contracts are self-supporting with all the elements required for their implementation, automatic and secure :

    • Effective date, end date, frequency of analysis
    • General and specific conditions associated
    • Analyses performed or reference of the code executed
    • Format of the transmitted results
    • Signatures of the parties involved
    • Delegation of selective access rights to encryptrd data for the Enclaves

    Unforgeable Graph History

    Our platform integrates a digital trust environment for anonymized and encrypted archiving of data transmitted by the various parties :

    • Audit of data upon synchronization
    • Historical data with probative value
    • Rich and scalable analysis capabilities
    • Right to be forgotten

    Data and business processes are placed under permanent and exhaustive digital audit

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    Trusted Execution Environment

    Enclaves, or Trusted Execution Environments, are true digital bailiffs :

    • Automatically activated upon contracts execution
    • Accessing anonymized and encrypted data thanks to the delegation of rights contractually assigned to them by the parties
    • Carrying out the analysis detailed in contracts, in a protected and unobservable environment
    • Providing the relevant parties with results of probative value

    Blocs et Compagnie hosts and maintains the service, but cannot access the identities of the parties involved, nor the content of their data, nor the content of the contracts, nor the results of the analyses carried out by the enclaves, all of this data being fully encrypted and anonymized

  • Benefits




    Powerful, stateless and scalable automation platform

    • Central role of the Contract, carrying all the information required for its own execution
    • Automatic and fully traceable contract management and execution
    • Graph-based data models - Fast, rich, and scalable analyses


    New generation digital trust architecture

    • Trusted results = Trusted analysis on trusted data in a trusted environment
    • Data, history, contracts, and results authenticated and archived in an unalterable and uncorruptible format
    • Only authenticated code validated by all involved parties can run on the data


    Decoupling of data possession from obtaining trusted analysis results

    • Anonymity and encryption of data at source - GDPR compliance
    • Contractually defined data access rules
    • Data decrypted and exposed for analysis in a protected environment only (TEE)
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